Haji camp loom cloth is going on in the name of Lucky coupon!
Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019 12:30 pm

Mab Sujon, Times 24.Net, Dhaka: Haji Camp under the Airport Police Station and opposite the main gate of the permanent RAB headquarters, on the opposite side of the main gate of the Civil Aviation Biman Field, ie Bangladesh Weeder Product and Manu Business Association 37, Bangabandhu Avenue, 2nd Floor, Dhaka at the proposed Bangabandhu Aerospace University ground. International jamada organized by -1000 Weaving textile victory wife Fair 2019 under the name of illegal daily raffle or drawing Lucky billion dollar gambling. In this catastrophic gambling fair, there is a continuous process of taking possession of Bangamata Government School and Bangabandhu Government College grounds. Gush Nasha Lucky Kupan tide floating in the crowded populated areas of the Airport and Dakshinkhan Police Station. Daily laboring day laborers, small businessmen and working class are going to be destitute. The children of the unemployed youth and school college are also being attacked in that gambling. Everyday 65 ezbiks are being used to sell and supply lucky coupons of around 5 lakh people in the area. Night and day, the 24-hour wells sold. Daily draws at 11pm The cost of the well is only 20 rupees. However, this award is especially unknown whether someone has ever won awards.
One salesman said about the success of this business and trade, the sale of well over 50,000 wells up to one and a half lakhs per day daily. These coupons employed in 100 eziber, 200 manned and 250 drums are in the bumper. No problem is the administration giving us our protocol. Meanwhile, the gambling and match-based area-sharing divisions are being strengthened in different strength tests and said that the unrestricted gambling area in the area is undergoing.
On behalf of the fair committee, it was informed that this Bumper Bumper Lucky Coupon Lottery Award is being taken in the master plan of the year. In the Sahari Fair, there is no profit in the lottery. It's not gambling. This time the bumper yield. La Boishakh 1426 Happy New Year! Incredible Bumper Lucky Coupons have been sold today to some 2 million. We are playing the best Samal match fair. Therefore, there is danger of going against the fair. Suppose that the case is the victim of harassment! It's a millionaire trade fair. Being a journalist and if you eat rice, you have no option to leave your area.
According to the information provided by IC Airport Police Outpost, OC Airport Thana, AC Airport Circle and ADC Airport Zone, alternatively, they will take necessary measures, in the presence of the Morathon Weaving Cloth Mela and Lucky Coupons Laureate Gambling in Haji Camp. However, it is not my area that the headquarters of the local administration advised to go to the headquarters of the Dakkhinkhan Police Station Officer. DC Uttara Mahodaya was not found in mobile phone to talk about this.
The Land and Establishment Department of Civil Aviation said that the fair committee approved the Jamdani loom textile only by depositing Tk 10 lakh in revenue. We do not know the issue of gambling there but we will look into the sale of the ticket coupon or ticket. They asked to contact the owner of the fair, Salahuddin, for details.
Every such fair, such as the government allocation scandal, is similar to that of the post-operative slavery of the police administration. In order to spread such domination throughout the country, the non-social Mela operators are encouraged and brought up in high-powered political celts. As a result of the horrors of drug addiction, how many families of low income families are going to sit on the streets of gambling. The gamblers in the area are close to the gambling, awake, massacre, and the survivors of the Pak activists.
It is known that this High Voltage hybrid gambling fair is being held in secret with some unscrupulous officials of the Civil Aviation Property Department, which is inaccurate and untrue irregularities. There are salaried police control rooms in the fair. The people of the area wanted immediate intervention of the newly evacuated ward councilors to stop the gambling as well as to all the administration regarding the related gambling so silent. It is hoped that the people and the people who lost their rights in the legal and illegal activities of the society would be closed and the gambling should be stopped. Some police officials said the closure of fairs and gambling would be possible to stop the drug trade and drugs business in the huge airfield and inside the fair.